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We at THRIVE understand that it is a confusing and challenging time, and we care about your mental health and wellness.  We are here for you and your best life. THRIVE is available for virtual and phone appointments during the Coronavirus outbreak.  We can assist you with your mental health and relationship needs as well as anxiety reduction, stress relieving skills, and just having someone with whom you can speak about concerns. Please reach out to us at 724.493.7067   We are here to help!  Be well ❤️

THANK YOU!!!  for honoring us with the 2021 and 2020 Best Counselor Pittsburgh award.  We truly appreciate all of you!

Today you are one step closer to a new you, where you feel empowered and able to embark upon a positive path to growth and well-being within yourself, your relationships, and your life.  As this is an optimal time to reflect upon your life and visualize how you would like it to be, self-reflection may allow you to recognize areas for growth in your life and relationships - an opportunity to refresh and revitalize each.  Taking the first step forward in therapy is always the most difficult; however once the decision has been made to enter into a therapeutic relationship, you will reap the rewards of joy in your life and satisfaction in your relationships.

Our lives tend to be multi-faceted works of art, made up of many roles and responsibilities.  Oftentimes, we are able to adapt to changes in these roles and responsibilities with little or no difficulty; however there are times in our lives when change can cause distraction, negative feelings, and overall dissatisfaction with our lives.  It is at these times when we can be empowered to discover our true authentic lives, within ourselves and our relationships, by engaging in therapy.  During sessions, we will explore ineffective behavior patterns and perceptions to move forward into a better state of mind and lead a more fulfilling life.

In order to begin embracing true change, we must explore the integration of the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and relational aspects in our lives, realizing that we feel our best whenever all are in balance.  Our goal is to assist you in setting boundaries and developing various techniques to encourage positive growth within yourself and your relationships with coworkers, friends, your partner, and your family.  Our therapists look forward to working with you to achieve your goals!

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